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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Had Me A Dream

So I'm in a shopping mall running around doing this and that with Zoom. It's the shopping mall from my childhood. It still has all the old stores and the food places it used to have. We're having fun. Nothing is really happening, but we're having fun like we do now. Just enjoying each other's knucklehead company.

When all of a sudden I run into a girl. The girl is the younger sister of one of close childhood friends. It turns out that this girl is my fiance'. She's jibber jabbering about how she's missed me and she hasn't seen me in so long and that our rings are in. Apparently we are going to be married. And soon.

So I go pick up my ring and go over to mom's house and we look at it. It's a thick gold band. The weird part is, not only do I have this wedding band, I still have the real life wedding bands that I will putting on when I marry Zoom in the real world. I then start comparing the two bands and putting them next to each other. I try to figure out what possessed me to tell anyone I wanted anything that was gold. Gold is, after all, yacky.

This then leads to this whole introspection (within the context of the dream) about marriage and my life. I keep thinking, I don't want to marry this girl. I don't even know this girl. What the hell was I thinking? I want to be with Zoom. I like Zoom. I have fun with Zoom. But, then I come back to the real world within the dream (has anyone's head exploded yet?) that I can't just stop the wedding. It's too late now. All the plans have been made. All the invitations have been sent out. All the flowers/cake/tuxedos/minstrels have been ordered and paid for. So, I fall back onto a resolve that I will marry the girl I don't know. My dream logic is that everyone's marriage blows and ends up badly, so that's what I have to face. That's just the way it is. I'll just suck it up and power through this marriage. I don't to do it, but everyone doesn't want to do it. It's just what you do when you're an adult. You get married, even though you don't want to and would rather be with someone else.

....and then I woke up.

Now, I'm a big believer in the memory flush theory of dreaming. But, I don't have the slightest issue/fear/reservation about marrying Zoom. In fact, it's the opposite. I can't wait. I want it done NOW.

So the question goes to you, my beloved internet........



At 10:24 PM, Blogger ZooooM said...

Sweetie, you only get to marry Natalie Portman...or me. That's it. You can't go around having Nat, me and some girl from your past. That's just greedy.


It might come from the fact that I've been nagging you about the save the date cards and one of the addresses you were waiting for was this friend you reference? Right? Maybe that's part of it.

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

Well, if you buy the theory that everyone in the dream is some aspect of yourself . . . I would say the following:

The girl you run into, the psuedo-fiancee, is some younger, youthful, carefree aspect of yourself. Because the dream is set in a shopping mall from your youth, I feel pretty confident saying that although logically (and lucidly, which is pretty impressive in and of itself), you know you are NOT marrying this young girl, you are marrying ZooooM . . . there is something about marrying ZooooM that either satisfies, encourages, supports, nutures, stimulates, or reinforces some comfortable, happy-go-lucky, carefree aspect of yourself. As evidenced by who the psuedo-fiancee is, and where the dream is staged. Just my humble opinion.


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